MCT Plasma, a pioneering regenerative therapy, leverages the transformative power of photo-thermal energy applied to PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to usher in a new era of tissue rejuvenation and healing. This innovative process activates platelets within PRP, enhancing their efficacy and promoting an intensified release of growth factors. These growth factors are pivotal in driving the healing process, fostering tissue regeneration, and revitalizing the skin.

Key benefits include an advanced growth factor release, significantly boosting healing and regeneration capabilities, and a notable reduction in pro-inflammatory cytokines, ensuring the therapy is both effective and gentle on the body. This method stands as a testament to the revolutionary skin care solutions and advanced dermatology practices offered at our clinic in Beirut, providing a natural, cutting-edge option for those seeking to harness the body’s healing potential and achieve unparalleled aesthetic results in the Middle East.

Face Rejuvenation

MCT Plasma is used for facial rejuvenation, helping improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and enhance overall appearance.​

Hair Recovery

Remarkable results have been observed in patients with androgenic alopecia (hair loss) using MCT Plasma.​

Ageless Décolleté

MCT Plasma can also be applied to the neck and chest area for a more youthful appearance.​

Youthful Hands

MCT Plasma contributes to hand rejuvenation as well.​